Pelmondo product range



The evolution of fire

Do you enjoy sitting around an open fire with your friends or family? Soaking up the natural warmth of one of the earth's five elements in the great outdoors.

Summer or winter, the modern heating furniture from Pelmondo offers a unique up-market feel to any outdoor space and is straightforward to use at any time. Pelmondo combines perfect combustion, safety, mobility, design , and ease of use. The patented burners generate virtually no smoke and very little ash or carbon, utilising the known advantages of wood pellets. Pelmondo fires have revolutionised outdoor heating and offer a wide range of products that suit virtually all types of garden areas. Enjoy the natural aspects of open flame, and why not use the embers to entertain your friends with a simple outdoor meal using our unique wok accessory.

Give your outdoor space a lift and bring it out from the crowd with a Pelmondo pellet heater.


Natural wood fire without smoke and
odor. Safe, clean, and mobile.