Pelmondo starter package

Pelmondo starter package: the must-have for your fire pit.

Wood pellets, lighter and fire gel: The starter kit includes everything you will need to instantly start a fire in your fire pit.

10 kg premium wood pellets

10 kg of pellets will fuel your fire pit for the following number of fires:
– Q-Style: 10 fires
– Cube and Barcube: 2.5 fires
– Tower: 1 fire

Fire gel

The Pelmondo fire gel will allow you to ignite wood pellets 100-times.


The sophisticated Pelmondo lighter is designed to make lighting your fire pit effortless.

pelmondo Stock mit Pellets gefüllt steht auf Terrasse
Pelmondo Feuerstelle Burner brennt und Flamme spiegelt sich im Glas
Pelmondo Feuerstelle Cube brennt mit Dekoration auf Tischplatte

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