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Here you can see in the video the individual components of the Pelmondo Cube and how to start your Pelmondo fire pit and enjoy it smoke and soot-free.


Pellets (about 20 millimeters long and 5 millimeters in diameter) are fuels produced from by-products of wood processing. They are made by refining, drying, and compressing sawdust and wood shavings. Since the compression process is used during the production of wood pellets while the wood is still hot, there is no need to add glue or other binders during production. Additionally, because wood contains lignin, which acts as a binder, the cellulose is naturally held together.

Pelmondo fire pits burn smoke and soot-free. We have defined a minimum distance of 100cm above the flame. With proper handling and adherence to the operating instructions, our fire pits can be operated safely under umbrellas, roof overhangs, or pergolas.

For the same operating performance, gas costs about four times more compared to pellets. In contrast to pellets, gas also needs to be stored in deposit-required gas cylinders. Pellets, on the other hand, are not hazardous materials and only need to be stored in a dry place.

Pellets must be stored in a dry place. If the wood pellets are purchased through the Pelmondo Pellet Subscription, they are contained within a packaged outer box, ensuring dry storage. We do not use plastic for packaging. The cubic shape of the cardboard allows for space-saving and dust-free storage of the pellets.

Before lighting the fire pit again, please remove the cold ash residue. Take a brush and sweep the residue into the ash box (located inside the device) downwards. The openings on the burner bottom must be open before the next start and must not be covered with material. Periodically check the ashtray level in your fire pit and dispose of the cold ash residue. You can clean the glass with a commercial glass cleaner as needed. The tabletop and the fire pit body can be cleaned with commercial cleaners.

Pelmondo fire pits should not be used in enclosed spaces due to oxygen depletion. Additionally, an outdoor safety distance of 90 centimeters from walls and ceilings must be maintained. Further information and details can be found in the respective Pelmondo operating manual.

Ideally, let the fire burn out completely. However, if you need to quickly extinguish the fire, please use one to two glasses of water. It’s important to empty the remaining extinguished pellets afterward, as they may stick together due to moisture.

All Pelmondo fire pits can be placed on any surface. If you are changing the burner, ensure that it is placed on a non-flammable surface or use the designated burner holder. This holder is available in the Pelmondo accessory shop.

Yes, that is possible. Ideally, you can use the cover plate available in the Pelmondo accessory shop to protect the burner from moisture. This allows you to enjoy your ambient fire as soon as the rain has stopped.

Small parts are shipped via parcel delivery. Pelmondo fire pits are delivered by freight forwarding on a pallet. The freight forwarding company will coordinate delivery details with you. If you want to start using your Pelmondo fire pit immediately, you can order the suitable starter set from the Pelmondo accessory shop.

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